Course Complete state not triggering Rise Continue block - please help


I have created a Storyline interaction containing four hover areas. This is being placed into a Rise course. In Rise I want to block progression until the interaction is complete. I have therefore inserted a CONTINUE block with the condition that the block above (Storyline) must be complete.

However, even though I have configured the Storyline file to trigger the 'Complete Course' status once all four hover areas have been viewed, the CONTINUE option in Rise never appears. 

Please can anyone help? I have attached my Storyline file. You will see that I have based the Complete Course state on all four hover areas triggering variables. This was the easiest way I could think of doing it. I've displayed the HoverCount variable counts on screen for testing purposes only. They appear to be registering.

Many thanks


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Allison LaMotte

Hi Dan,

I had a look at your Storyline file and did some testing. I think that the reason it's not working is that your complete trigger is set to go off when the timeline starts. However, the timeline won't restart after the person has hovered over those areas and the variables have changed.

I duplicated your slide and used states instead of variables to track whether or not people had viewed all the layers. I also changed the complete trigger to go off when all the states are equal to viewed (the custom state I created). I inserted it into Rise, and it's working as expected: the continue button is unlocked when all the layers are viewed.

I've attached my file so you can just go ahead and use it directly instead of having to rebuild it. All that's left to do is make the rectangles (and the viewed state) that I've inserted transparent (I had them colored so they were easy to see for testing).

Let me know if you have any questions! :)

Dan Price

Many thanks Allison. I'll take a look. States do seem to be more reliable for this. I did try it with 'when timeline ends' also but I had the same issue using variables.

A potential feature request would be to be able to specify a trigger to occur based solely on variables, without also having to link it to something like when timeline starts.