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Jun 12, 2018


I've seen several discussions on the forum related to increasing font sizes.  My particular issue is related to the font size when using the "Details" feature to show particular modules that students can navigate to.  

I understand that the font must be able to scale to the device a student is using, but on a laptop with a large screen the font looks extremely small.  Have there been any updates to allow for font size changes in this area? (Screenshot attached)

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Marc Dickstein

Still seems odd to me that font size can be changed most anywhere else, but not the TOC.  I hope you bump this up your priority list—would really be a welcome addition as I think many feel the front page TOC is so visible, yet so unimpressive.... we’re exploring ditching your TOC for a simple html front end, just to control the look.   Not ideal...

Bill Yetman

Would welcome your thoughts on a preferred system for creating this front page, LMS's where this will operate without errors, etc.  I had not even thought about this as a workaround.  I feel bad for Articulate as the end-user wants to buy subscriptions for updating content - and are looking at Elucidat and Captivate as the first impression is so poor - while under the hood - the tools becomes far more functional.   

David Wolfe

It seems odd to just about everyone Marc.  But don't hold your breath....we asked for this change well over a year ago, many others have agreed, but it seems like Articulate is content to keep kicking this particular can further down the road instead of actually doing something about it.

NHS Golden Jubilee

Hi, I have had a lot of feedback from a module that  I have developed in Rise that the Menu fonts are far too small and don't meet Accessibility requirements. The font really is very small!  Is there any update you can provide on when being able to edit menu font size would be available as I may need to re-think developing any modules in Rise.

David Wolfe

Don't hold your breath everyone.  It's been almost 18 months since my colleague Katie submitted this request and despite many others joining in the call for this feature change, Articulate reps continue to regurgitate the same lip service of "gee thanks for this great idea....we will let you know if we implement this enhancement."    And then nothing happens.  I understand that feature enhancements don't happen overnight.....but something as simple as font size adjustments shouldn't take this long.

David Wolfe

Good luck....over two years and counting since I made the initial request.  Dozens of others obviously agree with me, and I'm sure there are countless thousands who also agree but just never post here.

The Articulate team is always full of bright and cheery responses, and they are all beautiful people who take great profile pictures.  Beyond that, don't expect anything in the way of actual customer service or response to feature requests.

It is inexcusable that they consider something as baseline as font size adjustments to be a "special feature" that requires constant badgering from the user community before any change occurs.

Marc Dickstein

I agree.  There are two items that have been requested for years (and seem simple enough to implement), either of which would be an enormous help:

1. Allow formatting of TOC

2. Provide a check box in the setting that skips the Intro and TOC.  I’ve resorted to an HTML TOC and am calling each chapter as a separate rise file. Not ideal, but better than nothing!  And would be even better if users weren’t forced to click though intro pages...