Cover images for Rise lesson pages

May 23, 2018

Hi all 

I wondered if there were any plans to have the option to upload a header image for all lesson pages instead of just the front facing cover image that is minimised above the nav bar when you move onto a lesson page.

I know I can put images in to my lessons if I like, which I probably will, but I feel it's a bit of a shame that we can't put header images at the top of a lesson. It looks a bit plain. 



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Hazel Bartolome

Good news everyone! 

You can now add images to lesson headers. Please click on Themes>Lesson Headers

If you'd like to use an image as your header, select the Image style and choose an image from the Content Library or upload one of your own. Modify the existing image by hovering over it and clicking Edit Image to access additional menu options.