creating elearning elements in rise 360??


I'm new to Rise and Articulate 360. I love how easy it is to create single page flowing content in Rise. However, I'm just trying to create what I'd call a single "element" to embed into one page of a course in the openlearning platform. I'd like xAPI tracking etc, but I don't want users to have to "start" a course. I just want the content to appear immediately.

Anyone know how I can do this, or do I need to use storyline.... and can storyline create similarly flowing content? I don't want users to have to click "next" to get more content, just scroll. 



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Karl Muller

Rise does not allow you to get to content immediately. There are a few clicks required to get to the content.

Using Rise terminology, learning content resides in Lessons. You require at least one Lesson in your Course. 

When you publish a Course, Rise automatically builds a Menu based on the Lessons you have created and the items in the menu will follow the order in which they appear in the course structure.

When a learner launches a course, they currently will see the course launch page, and in order to get to actual content, they need to click Start Course, then select a Lesson from the menu.

Storyline may be a better option for you as you can create any structure you want, and you could put content on the very first slide.

Anthony Goss

I do see tremendous potential in making content created in Rise as modular. That way, you could create a single lesson to serve as your interaction. Quite often, I have wanted to use a single block like a labeled graphic and insert into another web page as the only piece of content.

 There is a workaround. You can publish the entire course and then link to the url of the lesson rather than the course. If you lock down navigation and hide the menu, then you can create this. However, this means publishing as a web page and not for tracking inside the LMS.