Cropping Images in Rise

May 19, 2020

Thanks for adding this feature.  Is there a plan to make this feature more robust?  I know Rise is not Photoshop, but it would be nice to be able to make some minor edits of images inside of Rise.  Also, when you decide to uncrop the picture, it would be nice if there was a "reset" button.  It took a bit of extra time to redrag the handles when I was uncropping. 

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Karl Muller

Appreciating that Rise is not Photoshop, I did find some aspects of the cropping tool to be unusual.

I created an Image Centered Block with the default bicycle and made several copies of the block. Then I applied different crops to each block, with each crop selecting a smaller part of the image.

While the cropping process worked well, it was unexpected that Rise displayed the cropped versions of the images very close to the same width and height of the original image. 

It was only when I applied an extreme crop that the image was displayed at a smaller width and height compared to the original.

In most apps that I use, when you apply a crop, not only are you selecting which part of the image you want to display, but the crop action also reduces the width and height of the image accordingly.

The addition of the cropping feature is a huge benefit to me, despite this oddity.

Alyssa Gomez

Hey Karl! 

You mentioned that "Rise displayed the cropped versions of the images very close to the same width and height of the original image." This happens because Content Library images have very large dimensions. 

The bike image you referenced is 1680 pixels  × 1120 pixels. When cropping an image of that size using the Rise 360 cropping tool or a third-party image editor, the cropped area will still be quite large. Because the Image Centered block scales down large images to fit inside the container, it's hard to tell that the image decreased in size. 

Instead, start with a smaller image size, such as 900 pixels x 600 pixels. Then, crop the image, and you'll notice that the result is clearly smaller than the original. 

Check out this 2-min video to see this process in action! Let me know if that clears things up. 

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