Customize the text color

Dec 16, 2018

Hi I need to use customize text color for headings and subheadings, each time I copy and paste hex code in color palette.

Is there any way to save this colors in color palette?

Thank you,

Zehrahexcolor- color palette

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Jennifer Paz

I will also add my voice to this request. A custom brand color shows up when you customize backgrounds, etc., so why not when you want to change text color? Of course, limiting the customization to only adding one custom color would be silly (just as it is for backgrounds). I often need to search, copy, and paste in (or type if I remember the code) 2-3 hex color codes over and over again (for text and backgrounds). We need to be able to set up theme colors for a course, just as you can in Storyline--and many other software programs.