Czech Fonts in Labels

May 01, 2023

We are currently translating a Rise 360 course into Czech. All of the body text and headings are displaying file. But the Continue Block is using a different font and the characters that contain diacritics are not displaying properly because the font used does not support the characters. I would like to change the default font to one that does.
I don't see anywhere that the default font for this block is set.
Can someone please assist?


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Ken Nagy

Thanks for your response Angelo.

The fonts in my course support non-Latin characters, but the labels are using a different font from the Body and Headings. I don't see anywhere to change the label fonts to another font. I don't know where that setting is. So if I am understanding this correctly, uploading a custom font would not help me because I still could not change the labels to that font. Am I missing something?


Angelo Cruz

Thanks for the clarification, Ken.

I'm afraid we don't currently have the option to change the font for menu items or labels. We are tracking a request for the ability to use or upload custom fonts for buttons and labels. I'll add you to the list so that you'll get notified if we make changes that will help.

Let me know if you need anything else.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there, Eric! I see you worked with my teammate, Carlo, in a support chat, and he recommended that you download a language-specific custom font available on the internet. It sounds like that hasn't worked for you, though.

What font did you upload to Rise 360 for your Czech course? And, can you please share a screenshot of the labels that aren't showing correctly? I'll be standing by!