Declaration checkboxes with text-box response using Storyline block in Rise course

Mar 16, 2023


  • We are using Rise for rapid course creation on a risk and compliance topic and uploading to our LMS. 
  • There's a quiz included and the learner must attain 80% to progress to the final stage of the course (the declaration). Don't require results to be sent to LMS but would be nice.
  • My internal client wants the completion criteria for the course to be the completion of a final declaration section that learners must agree to at the end of the training

The declaration they want to include roughly needs to read:

'I declare the following:

      • I understood the content and will follow the procedures mentioned [Checkbox]
      • I have disclosed all potential conflicts to the risk department [Checkbox]

If you are unable to agree to both check-boxes above, please include information about any relevant matters in the text box below:


  • They want to be able to use our LMS to report on the learner's responses to both declaration statements and what is entered into the optional text box (if anything is.)

My question/s:

Given that Rise can only send data on quiz question answers to the LMS, and doesn't have a textbox question option, I figured the only option is to create the Declaration / TextBox interaction in a Storyline slide, and have course completion in Rise set to be based on completion of the Storyline block.


  • I have only ever created Quiz interactions in Storyline. Would I need to use form questions instead? Where can I find guidance on this?
  • Can I make the first statement mandatory for the learner to select, then set it so that EITHER the second statement must be agreed to, OR the text box must be completed?
  • Before I start creating the slide in Storyline, can someone please confirm my assumption that it is possible for a Storyline block in a Rise course to report text feedback?

Alternatively, if there's a better way to achieve this I haven't thought of, please do share! I did consider using an iFrame to MS Forms for this section but in other courses where we have taken this approach, about 10% of our learners see a grey box with 'login.microsoftonline refused to connect' instead of seeing the form, and our IT dept are unable to ascertain why, which results in a lot of confusion queries and admin to support the 10% affected.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Emily. That sounds like a tough spot to be in. For this project, the most ideal output would be a Storyline 360 course, start to finish. That can be tough if you've already created it in Rise 360.

But the limitations of reporting on quiz data from a Storyline block will prevent you from seeing the learners' responses to your acknowledgments. In Storyline, you can share the topical content, and add "quiz" slides at the end with whatever conditions you want. Those quiz slides can report text-entry answers to your LMS. You can even set up a checkbox as a "correct" answer without providing any feedback to the learner that it's "correct" or technically a quiz.

You can also still include the actual quiz questions in Storyline and track those responses in the LMS to meet your preference. Here's a quick mockup that you can test, and you can download the .story file here.

  • Create your quiz questions
  • Add a multiple choice question for the required acknowledgement with a single answer choice, a point total of 0
  • Add an essay slide, and cover the essay with a shape, a checkbox to ask whether they've disclosed what they need to, and a custom Next button.
  • Create triggers to either hide the shape, checkbox, and custom button when they click the button IF the checkbox is Normal (not selected). This will reveal the essay field. And, triggers to jump to the next slide IF the checkbox is selected because they don't need to see the essay field.

I hope that inspires despite being a very rough prototype!