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Jul 27, 2020

I have an question about sharing courses etc.

A course was shared with me for editing. I took a copy of it as a backup, I then edited the course and did the updates.  It now doesn't appear in my (shared with me) folder. I have the copy of it to fall back on, but the original has disappeared from the shared folder.

Question: if the owner of the course deleted it after it was shared with me, would this course disappear from my (shared with me) folder?

Thank you.

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Kim Rushbrooke

Hello Karl and Alyssa. The background of this question is, the course owner gave me the permission to edit the course and it appeared in my 'shared folder'.  I made a copy of the course first, so there's really no drama. To be honest I cannot remember if in fact I deleted the course?. I I wanted to confirm the settings to allow me to do this. Question: if the owner transferred ownership to me and I deleted it, would the original owner still have it in his list?  Also I didn't see it in my deleted folder either, so I would have had to delete from there to permanently remove it from the course list, (again, I can't remember doing this).  Its no drama because I made a copy and transferred ownership back to him (ps - I should check if I still have the course, because that will answer my question).  In short I guess I need to understand the settings for collaborator, manager and owner a little more.  Thanks for responding to quickly.

Karl Muller

Hi Kim,

Collaborators can have one of three roles for a course:

  • The Course Owner can do everything.
  • A Course Manager can do everything except edit labels, transfer ownership, and delete the course. 
  • A Course Collaborator can edit the course but doesn’t have access to Settings, Share, Review, or Export.

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