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Oct 06, 2020

I've created folders to organized my courses in Rise. When I click on the course and select Move, it seems to be making a copy so I deleted the copy on the main page. It deleted it in the folder to. Is this Move function supposed to actually move the course from the main screen to the folder or is it really just a copy?



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Rosemary! 

The folders on your Rise 360 dashboard help you organize projects and quickly find what you need. When you move a course into a folder, you'll still see that course on the main dashboard. That means you can find the course in two places — in the folder, and on the main dashboard.

If you delete the course on the dashboard, it will also be removed from the folder. You can always restore the course by going to the Deleted Courses container in the sidebar. Hover over the course tile, click the ellipsis that appears, and choose Remove from trash.

Jack Ding

Hi Renz,
Thank you very much for your quick reply. Unfortunately Rise does not have this very important feature. It's time consuming and error prone to copy hundreds of lessons one by one within a course and move them to the specified folder. I look forward to the next update of Rise 360 to include this important feature. Thanks!

Mark Shepherd

Hi Alyssa:

This detail is potentially (slightly) confusing for the Rise 360 end-user.

That's unfortunate, because the Move courses option works a little counter to what probably many, if not most, users would tend to expect to have happen in this scenario.

I would suggest adding the following clarification NOTE to the the instructive Rise 360 Article detailing this process [not sure WHY this isn't in the full Rise 360 User Guide... perhaps when it is more officially launched(?)] on this point, under the paragraph labeled "Moving Courses to Folders":

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you Move a Course from the All Courses display space to a specific folder, it makes a duplicate COPY of the Course Title into the selected folder space:

  • If you remove (DELETE) this copy from its sub-folder, Rise 360 retains the original course title in the All Courses display space.
  • If you remove (DELETE) the ORIGINAL copy of this course in the All Courses space, this has the effect of ALSO DELETING any/all duplicated course title(s) in your
    sub-folder's space(s).
  • If this occurs by mistake, you can RESTORE the affected Course Title(s) by accessing the Deleted Courses display space in Rise 360.

N.B. Renz Savilla: If Articulate updates this Rise 360 functionality to treat this aspect differently, then this NOTE/point can easily be removed from the online documentation content.


Mark Shepherd, e-Learning Developer
Canadian Institute of Health Information (CIHI)
Education & Conferences Department, Ottawa, Canada