Moving courses to folders

I've created folders to organized my courses in Rise. When I click on the course and select Move, it seems to be making a copy so I deleted the copy on the main page. It deleted it in the folder to. Is this Move function supposed to actually move the course from the main screen to the folder or is it really just a copy?



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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Rosemary! 

The folders on your Rise 360 dashboard help you organize projects and quickly find what you need. When you move a course into a folder, you'll still see that course on the main dashboard. That means you can find the course in two places — in the folder, and on the main dashboard.

If you delete the course on the dashboard, it will also be removed from the folder. You can always restore the course by going to the Deleted Courses container in the sidebar. Hover over the course tile, click the ellipsis that appears, and choose Remove from trash.