Rise: Getting "Move" to work

Nov 29, 2017

Good morning. I'm trying to move some backup copies of courses from my main course folder into a Backups folder. I'm choosing move but they don't move; they just copy into the new folder. Then if I delete the copy from the main course folder, it deletes them from the Backup folder as well. 

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Cheryl, 

You're not doing anything wrong! The Move will place a copy of it within that folder, but you'll still see it on the main course page. I took a quick Peek of how this appears on my Rise set up - take a look here. 

You'll also find some other helpful tips and directions for working with Rise folders here. 

Cheryl Hoover

Thanks, Ashley. I assumed that copy would copy into another location but move would actually move it. I'm sure there's a very good reason you all chose to deviate from a standard file folder structure and capabilities where you choose either copy or move and where delete only deletes the copy in the folder you're touching. I'll try to keep an open mind but this feels confusing! Thanks, Ashley. I appreciate the time you took to set up that video.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Cheryl,

Ah, I can see the confusion with those two! Send a copy will allow you to copy a lesson and have it shared with another individual, whereas Move it about placing the entire course in a folder that is still specific to you. 

You'll also see within each Course, there is an option to Copy to another course, so you can use that to combine lessons from varying Rise courses. 

Susan Champion

I must say that I agree with Cheryl. I wish that files would be moved to folders - not copied. Or at least when you went back to your landing page you went into the last folder you were in instead of all files. It seems to offset the advantages of folders. BUT I still love Articulate products and your responsiveness to customer inquires and requests!

Cheryl Hoover

There was a recent Elearning Heroes article called Create Responsive E-Learning Courses in a Jiffy. It talked about the "move" feature to help organize work. As discussed above, it's not really a move feature; it's a copy feature. 

I believe I completed a feature request. Hopefully others have as well. Do you know if there is any serious consideration being made to change this to copy and to add a true move feature? I could see copy being very useful for something like a backup folder, probably similar to the duplicate capability. Otherwise, a true move feature would be very, very helpful. And ditto what Phil suggested. It's getting very busy in Review!

Thanks so much for listening. 

Phil Mayor

I would also add the option to be able to 'archive both a course in Rise and a course in review.

In review it would be nice to archive it to ensure i have an audit trail of all comments and changes made.

In rise, I may produce a new version each year for a client and would like to keep archived versions of their previous courses.

Kelly Doane


Any traction on this enhancement? It does seem rather odd to have a 'move' feature that simply acts as a copy feature. What purpose is 'move' supposed to serve then? The functionality title doesn't match the functionality action - it should say 'copy to folder'. 

I was trying to organize my projects into folders by version (differing content and language based on geography) and author (shared content) in an effort to tidy up my All Courses page. I guess what this means long term is that at some point I'll need to rifle through what could be 1000's of projects looking for specific content...  

This is a basic organizational functionality that I can't imagine any user not using. :(