Deleted Folder

Oct 02, 2019

In an effort to create some version control for our Courses, and as a solution to the limited benefit of the tag-based folder system, we're considering to use the Deleted Folder, which functions as a truly separate folder. This is to help declutter the All Courses view.

It's our understanding that Courses in the Deleted Folder stay forever, unless restored or removed. 

Can you please confirm that there are no plans to change this - that the Deleted Folder will in fact retain all Courses?


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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Kurt,

That's certainly an unconventional method for course storage! We'll let you know if we add folder improvements to Rise 360 in the future.

Here's an overview of how the Deleted Courses folder works:

When you delete a course, it moves to the Deleted Courses container in the sidebar. Courses are only permanently deleted if you click the ellipsis that appears when you hover over the course, and choose Delete forever.

To permanently remove all your deleted courses at once, just hover over the Deleted Courses container in the sidebar and click Empty. We also verify that you want to permanently remove all courses, in case you clicked Empty by mistake.

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