Details button missing with new Themes

Jul 19, 2022

The Details button that used to show on the course cover page (when in review or preview) is no longer showing after the themes were introduced. How can we get that back or is it gone for good?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Gem and Karl! You're right, the details button has been removed from the course cover page.

Your details text appears front-and-center on your main page, making it easy for learners to read more about your content.

You can even apply and preview different themes to see how the details are displayed with a different layout! 

Sabine Nolte

Hi all, I am just trying to create a sample ocurse, but I find that the title bar I have chose for my theme covers the entire screen, and there is only a "Start module" button. Learners won't know that there are details underneath and will just click "start" and miss all the details ... is that only me? I think I need to move my details away from the starting bit.

Jay Russo


I agree with and have the same experience as Sabine. I have to call out the fact that the new theme options tend to oversize elements of the cover page, to the potential determent of learners missing important content on the cover page. My team has been creating Rise modules for years, and this new theme appearance is really throwing a wrench into our standard corporate look. If you compare the before and after images I've attached, you'll see the significant impact the new theme has had.

I am thankful for the new theme options, but I wish those options included a way to maintain the look and functionality from before the theme update. Please add a way for us to customize the new theme layout. Thanks!