Development time in Rise vs. Storyline

Dec 05, 2018

Hey all,

I'm guessing someone out there has done an analysis of how Rise can save development hours. Is there anything out there with a comparison?



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David Tait

Hi Megan,

I don't have a comparison but do have my own observations that I can share.

  • Creating actual content is no quicker when doing it for Rise vs SL. Whichever software you use the content still needs the same amount of attention.
  • If you usually have a design phase where all of your slides are laid out prior to building in SL, you would save time using Rise as this step isn't necessary. That said, you should still factor in some design time for asset creation.
  • Building in Rise is generally quicker as everything is templated. If you're used to developing in SL you might spend a bit more time looking for alternative ways to treat content in Rise at first but once you get going things speed up.

Hope this helps.

Anthony Goss

Hi, Megan!  Rise does make it a little easier because you have the built in blocks.  If you have your content already, you just have to plug it into the relevant blocks.  Storyline takes a bit longer if you do not have any pre-built templates.  However, once you get some templates for your content, you can go pretty quickly in Storyline.  I have found that I can build an assessment in Storyline in a 1/3 of the time it takes me to build in Rise because Rise does not offer cut and paste for questions within a Rise quiz.  I actually use Rise as my main tool and then supplement it with Storyline blocks, which work rather seamlessly with Rise. 

Phil Mayor

I would say there are two elements the instructional design time is probably the same maybe a little more in Rise as you need to sometimes fit a square peg in a round hole.

Building the content into Rise is most definitely faster I would go so far as to say 50% faster, it maybe that I get lots of technical storyline courses and I rarely ever use templates.

Also there maybe times as Anthony states that you need to build the content in a Storyline block because no matter how hard I push that peg will not go into Rise.

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