Disable Forwars Seeking in Videos

Jun 10, 2019

I have read the articles to disable forward seeking in videos, but I have embedded videos which are hosted on an outside platform. Is there a way to disable the forward seeking? When I look at my videos in my course I do not see any option for disabling a video. Thanks.

Michelle Errek

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Michelle Errek

The problem of "Jumping" past blocks of content seems to only happen to individuals who are on Wi-Fi. It is not consistent throughout the course. I have only had this happen to me in one instance. I cannot duplicate it over and over. One learner experienced this in Firefox, it only happened at one video and there is about 15 videos in the course. One person was using a MAC and the browser was Firefox. It seems if the user is using a LAN line there is no problem.

The videos are embedded using an iframes link.