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Aug 20, 2018

Dear Rise users,

I need your help.

I have prepared quizzes and learning modules, using Rise and Storyline 360.

To finalize a learning module (Rise), I inserted a Storyline interactive block, i.e. a quiz produced on Storyline. As you can see from the picture below:


The problem arises when I save, export the Rise learning module on the LMS platform. I export it as a Scorm. The LMS system is Sharepoint LMS open from Explorer Edge.

The export is successful but when I open it on the platform itself, the images uploaded in the quiz disappear, as you can see here:

When I export the Storyline quiz separately, i.e. not included in the Rise learning module, there’s no problem at all, all the pictures are visible as you can see here:

So my question is : What can I do to see to it I can finish my Rise learning modules with a test/quiz produced on Storyline and be certain that all the pictures that I have uploaded in the Quiz are visible when the learning module is activated?

Thanks a lot for your answers !

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Jean François Vuylsteke

Thanks, I am using Office 365 but have no clue about the server information.

here is the link to another Rise production including a survey. Once again, the inserted images do not appear in the module once uploaded on the platform.

the survey produced on Storyline: https://360.articulate.com/review/content/6d854f57-9589-4ff9-9887-1088dea72fe6/review 

In attachment, the output zip file used to upload the learning module containing the survey on the platform.

Let's hope it will help !

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