Disappointed-Still No Version Control in Rise.

Apr 14, 2021

Sorry to users. This is my 3rd post of the same content today. I'm that disappointed. 

I'm so disappointed [tears]. Articulate you should be embarrassed [beet red]. 3 years and you don't have version control in the Rise platform [OMG]. 

Here's our sad story [sniff]. We were breaking up a course into smaller RISE courses but did not back up the larger course before beginning. Mistakes happen. Thankfully, I recently published it so we can recreate it [sigh].

Articulate: Please model after me and admit you made a grave mistake and tell us the timeline of when version control will be available in RISE. This is the only response I want from Articulate on this matter. I‘m quite sure my head will explode if you:

  • Give me the spiel of software companies don't tell what and when they are rolling out. I think we all know version control is not innovative. So, no need to be secretive here. Most new users probably think it is already a feature because it is such a basic need [hopefully I’m preventing someone else’s mistake].
  • Ask me to put this fundamental feature as a “suggestion” to your developers. Again 3 years and counting. This response insults me and I bet other users of your product. And it should be embarrassing to your company [tick tock].
  • I appreciate the position that articulate staff moderating this community are in. But really, don't make them write a "cheery-thank you for the suggestion nonresponsive post" to me. It is mean to your staff and I feel like I'm "blaming the messenger" and possibly ruining their day.

We made this same mistake about 1 year ago. (See it’s not that hard). I really hope that if/when we make this mistake again (mistakes do happen), I will have version control and the software features that people normally expect with award-winning software. 

Looking for action,


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