Restore Rise course from version history in Review

Nov 01, 2017

Hi Articulate team,

I was wondering if Rise and Review can work together to create a sub-version history of your course? For example, after working on a Rise lesson you find you need to add content that was previously dropped, or start over from an older version... if you have 4 versions of an Articulate Rise course in Articulate Review, can you select an older version and restore it to Rise?

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Crystal Horn

Hi Learn.TMW!  I think you have a great idea.  Currently, Review will show you previous versions, but it won't recycle them back into Rise.  Depending on the content, you should be able to copy text and even save images from the Review interface.

I'll pass this along to our team; keep your good ideas flowing here!

Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for chiming in, Elizabeth!

Command + Z (Mac) and Control + Z (Windows) will undo text edits and text formatting, but it will not bring back a deleted block. 

If you delete a block, you'll see an Undo button at the bottom of the screen for several seconds. If you no longer see that button, you'll want to recreate the block again. 

Patricia Funston

Let me add my name to the list of requestors. It's inevitable that topics are developed, changed after consultation -- and then the SME decides that after all, they prefer the previous version. Yes, please implement more version control, possibly at the block level. It may be necessary to revert to a previous version for an entire course, but if you could swap individual blocks back to previous versions, that will sometimes "fit the bill" also.

Julie Stelter

I'm so disappointed [tears]. Articulate you should be embarrassed [beet red]. 3 years and you don't have version control in the Rise platform [OMG].

Here's our sad story [sniff]. We were breaking up a course into smaller RISE courses but did not back up the larger course before beginning. Mistakes happen. Thankfully, I recently published it so we can recreate it [sigh].

Articulate: Please model after me and admit you made a grave mistake and tell us the timeline of when version control will be available in RISE. This is the only response I want from Articulate on this matter. I‘m quite sure my head will explode if you:

  • Give me the spiel of software companies don't tell what and when they are rolling out. I think we all know version control is not innovative. So, no need to be secretive here. Most new users probably think it is already a feature because it is such a basic need [hopefully I’m preventing someone else’s mistake].
  • Ask me to put this fundamental feature as a “suggestion” to your developers. Again 3 years and counting. This response insults me and I bet other users of your product. And it should be embarrassing to your company [tick tock].
  • I appreciate the position that articulate staff moderating this community are in. But really, don't make them write a "cheery-thank you for the suggestion nonresponsive post" to me. It is mean to your staff and I feel like I'm "blaming the messenger" and possibly ruining their day.

We made this same mistake about 1 year ago. (See it’s not that hard). I really hope that if/when we make this mistake again (mistakes do happen), I will have version control and the software features that people normally expect with award-winning software.

Looking for action,


Cindy Heselton

I can't believe this feature isn't enabled already. It seems like such a basic thing. I was working on a course with a colleague (she's the author) and after having made some signficant content additions I went in the next day to find the entire section gone. I'm hoping my colleague for some reason cut / pasted the section so she could work on it offline while on vacation (she said she was going to be in a place without good internet) but I'm fearing the worst. I can't get a hold of her and I feel paralyzed with my inability to do anything. The first thing I looked for was a version history then thought maybe only authors can see / control this but after reading this thread my hopes are dashed. 

Jennifer Miller

somehow deleted the course in one knows what happened........and the perfect little review copy is just sitting there..... in Review 360.......with a smirk looks so happy...the graphic is GLOWING.......somehow it knows i am going to have to redo every single word in rise :(

Ivan Belash

Restoring from Review versions would be a very convenient way for version control. Please make it possible for collaborators to publish the same course into the same set of versions in Review. As of now, each collaborator is working with their own set of versions, which is not convenient - we have to switch between Reviews to see comments of each other.

I would love seeing side-by-side version comparison as well, to help me decide which version to restore.

I was using course duplicates to save versions, but it takes additional clicks to move from current course to main menu. Also, each duplicate has a different set of IDs in XLIFF exported for translation, and it is impossible to re-use previous translations on the new/old version made as a duplicate.