Restore Rise course from version history in Review

Hi Articulate team,

I was wondering if Rise and Review can work together to create a sub-version history of your course? For example, after working on a Rise lesson you find you need to add content that was previously dropped, or start over from an older version... if you have 4 versions of an Articulate Rise course in Articulate Review, can you select an older version and restore it to Rise?

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Crystal Horn

Hi Learn.TMW!  I think you have a great idea.  Currently, Review will show you previous versions, but it won't recycle them back into Rise.  Depending on the content, you should be able to copy text and even save images from the Review interface.

I'll pass this along to our team; keep your good ideas flowing here!

Holly Harris © Learn.Transportation.Trimble

Thank you Crystal, let me know if you put this on the roadmap. Desktop source files can be managed via SVN. But with Rise - we can't subversion. It would be great if that could be done in the cloud! (Basically your servers, because data doesn't live in the air... only on servers ;P)