Restore Rise course from version history in Review

Nov 01, 2017

Hi Articulate team,

I was wondering if Rise and Review can work together to create a sub-version history of your course? For example, after working on a Rise lesson you find you need to add content that was previously dropped, or start over from an older version... if you have 4 versions of an Articulate Rise course in Articulate Review, can you select an older version and restore it to Rise?

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Holly Harris

This is really disappointing that this feature hasn't been included. Since Rise is created and stored in the cloud there is no way to subversion on a developer's end. It then becomes the cloud platform's responsibility to subversion the content. I agree with the replies over the last several years: "this is basic." Please work on this Articulate. 

Curt Zilbersher

Folks, if this feature was going to be developed, it would've been completed by now. Obviously, it's not (nor will be on their roadmap). You'll be told:  "Wow! That's a great idea!! Put it on our roadmap!" which is only intended to placate you. The product is good but it's not world-class, and version control is going to remain a pipe dream. So, what did we learn? 1) Be careful and provide multiple version backups in Rise, and 2) If your software provider hasn't implemented change requests after FOUR years, they"ain't gonna!" Not happenin', folks. Time to move on; nothing to see here.

Maribeth  Radtke

I'm really disappointed to read this thread.  I've multiple Rise courses.  One in particular, the SMEs want to have it revamped.  I'm trying to now determine the most efficient way to accomplish this because in 6 months they may change their minds again.  I saw someone's message indicating that they have the content duplicated in Word.  That is a good idea but seriously, we should not have to worry about deleting something and not being able to get it back AND not being able to version a course. 

Please enable some type of version control.

Julie Ault

I'm going to jump on the bandwagon here about version control. Please Articulate, reconsider doing something about this. It makes the life of an instructional designer difficult when SME's change their minds after you've implemented their requests. The extra time and effort required to recreate what was before is super frustrating. Some sort of version control would definitely help increase the value of this product in the eyes of my internal customers.