May 02, 2023

Dear all, 

I implemented after each chapter a call to action in form of the continue block with adapted text. By clicking on the button, the user will go straight to the next page. 

Unfortunately, when you go back in the course, the 'continue' button disappears and the usual previous and next navigation buttons at the start and end of each lesson appear. 

Is there a possibility to keep the buttons without disappearing or to adapt the text of the navigation buttons which would differentiate from the title course. 

Thank you for your response. 

Kind regards, 


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Judy Nollet

CONTINUE buttons are designed to pause the learner—but only the first time the learner goes through a course. As you found, then they go away. 

You could use a button block instead. That would stay put. 

FYI: It is possible to turn off the Navigation buttons that move between lessons. That's done in the Theme: 

Unless the Menu is available, though, you'd need a button block to let the user return to a previous lesson if these are off. (It's not possible to just turn off the Next Lesson buttons.)