Do MP3 videos significantly increase the size of SCORM? (compared to embedded YouTube videos)

Sep 25, 2023

Hello all,

Until now, we have always embedded YouTube videos in our Rise courses. However, we got a request to get rid of the YouTube suggestions at the end of the video. Therefore, I am considering uploading the MP3 videos instead. However, I do not want to make our courses too heavy for our LMS. Do you know if the courses will significantly increase in size if we integrate 3 to 5 MP3 videos of around 2 min each? I know Rise is comprising the size but I am not sure if it will sufficient. Looking forward to hearing your experiences.

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Tom Kuhlmann

The .MP4 videos will increase the package size since you're inserting them into the course. The video size is dependent on a number of factors. I'd insert some and then test to see the impact.

You can always make the video size smaller before inserting. For example, you don't need 4k and can probably get away with something smaller than 1920x1080 and still have good quality.