Drupal as LMS for Rise

Sep 06, 2018

Hello! I've seen some articles that discuss housing Storyline in Drupal however, I am wondering if anyone has had any experience using Drupal as an LMS for Rise courses. If so, details and pros/cons are appreciated. Many thanks!!!

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michael.burgess2@ucsf.edu Burgess

Our website is running Drupal 7, and doesn't appear to have any way to upload files in a folder. The media module doesn't seem to allow this at all. I have no idea how uploading web content created in any storyline project is possible based on how our website is set up. I would love some feedback on this too, Tina! Hopefully someone has some ideas because we'd absolutely love to use Rise as a supplement to our soft copy training materials on our website. The responsive abilities to go from device-to-device alone are worth the trouble of going through IT to update our website with any modules that might be required. 

Otaiwan Day

Hi Folks!

I'm trying to up load my Rise content folder to Drupal 8 - testing to see if it can work in that environment. I am running across the same problem as Michael and Andrew. We would like to convert our hardcopy/pdf job aids and process manual into the Rise format and it would be easy if we were on AWS. I can't seem to find a way to upload my content folder into Drupal to call up the job aid.

I tried publishing as SCORM and uploaded it to our LMS (moodle) and linking to it but that doesn't seem to work. Any suggestions or insight would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Tai