Email hyperlink not capturing full email address in Rise

Dec 07, 2021

Hi all,

I am attempting to hyperlink email addresses of key contacts into a Rise 360 course. However, I am running into a roadblock with an email that contains a special character. When clicked, it will launch Outlook but it only populates the characters prior to the special character, not the full email address. 

As an example:  A& 

I can click the hyperlink in the course, and it launches outlook, yet in the "To" field, only "A" shows up. Everything after the & is omitted.

Is there a way I can force it to pick up the entire address?


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Jennifer Oliveira

Thanks! I had a feeling this was not going to work. It is an internal email that doesn't go outside the company network so that's how they got away with making an email with the "&" symbol. I figured I would see if there was a work around I wasn't aware of, but I guess there isn't. Thanks for your help!