emails not working in Rise?

Sep 29, 2021


I have 1 button stack and 1 text hyperlink email in my Rise course, but they don't seem to be working. I have tested in Preview and Review and no email pops-up in response to clicking either link. the mailto link shows up in the status box when clicked but there is no redirect or opening...

We use google office tools so chrome browser and gmail.

Please advise, thanks!


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Karl Muller

Hi Suzanne,

In my experience, the email button only works when you have an email client like Outlook installed.

Here is what happens on a PC when we use a button block with an email address:

  • A new email message is created in Outlook.
  • The email address in the button block populates the TO: field
  • The Subject field is populated with the title of the Rise course.
  • The body of the email is left blank.