Embed video can not be shown full screen on mobile

Jan 06, 2022

I have encountered some problem with embed video in Rise.  I made a course with several videos which stored on cloud server. After using RISE production, the video can be played in full screen on mobile device in the following cases:

1. RISE in multi-platform preview mode

2. RISE review function (https://360.articulate.com/review/content/7e091cd5-3c13-4b6d-a54d-a03e6c22cb06/review)

But, After the course is published in SCORM 1.2 format and uploaded on My Learning Platform, the video does not go full screen when the course is opened on a cell phone.

I asked my IT colleague to check the web code and found that there will be two Iframe codes, the first one restricts the full screen function of the video. (code attached ).

Thank you 

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Crystal Horn

Hi Supper Hero (cool name!),

We see this happen when the course is launched in a frameset of the LMS as opposed to in a new window, or specifically with SCORM 1.2. The workarounds are to launch the course in a new window from the LMS or to try SCORM 2004. 

Let me know if either of those options work for you, and I'll tag this discussion to update you about any enhancements we make to full screen compatibility.