Embedding Rise courses on websites using iFrame

Jan 19, 2021


We are wanting to share some of our courses on our website so that anyone can access them. We have exported the courses for web and embedded them using an iframe. However, because the course lessons are different lengths, our web developers have had to set the height of the page to fit the longest page. This means that some pages have a very large amount of blank white space. In most cases I can get around this by inserting a continue button. However, I cannot insert a continue button on a quiz results slide. This means that users will have to scroll waaaaaaay down through all the blank space (which they are unlikely to realise) in order to get to the automated continue button that allows them to reach the next page.

Ideally, we'd like each lesson height to automatically scale so that it fits the size of each lesson. We've tried a few solutions from here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/9975810/make-iframe-automatically-adjust-height-according-to-the-contents-without-using 

Nothing has worked so far. Has anyone else had this issue and figured out how to solve it?

The other option is to use a scroll bar for the iframe but as there is already one on our website, this is not a good solution.

Thank you.



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