Error embedding PDFs in Rise

Good morning!

I wanted to adress a small problem with embedding PDFs from web hosting. Sometimes when loading the courses (like one out of 5) we don't get the view of the embedded content. There is no error code, big red cross, 404, nor anything: it just doesn't show. The frame remains blank. We used several ways to store the archive, from Google Drive to Calameo, even the "articulate user content" link you get when downloading the PDF after uploading it into a course.

The problem gets worse when there are several documents in a row because the chance of at least one of them failing gets even higher.

Is there anything we could do?


Thank you very much!

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Nicole Legault

Hi there! 

Thanks for posting your question here in the community. Sorry to hear you've run into this issue!

Can you elaborate how you are embedding the PDFs in your Rise course? Can you perhaps share a link to your Rise course so we can take a closer look? You can share it here in the thread, or if you'd like to share privately, you can send it along to our Support Engineers here. 


Good afternoon Nicole.

We have tried 3 different ways of embedding our PDFs. The first one uploading as an attachment, then opening the resulting link (from your hosting service) and copying the URL into the embed code bar. The second one a Google Drive URL, and the third one a Calameo URL. Management didn't want them to show just like an attachment so this would be our last choice. As our courses are private, I'll send you a small sample with copied parts issuing this problem.


Thank you very much!