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Lyndon Baker

Hi Alyssa,

I spoke to one of our developers and he found the following:

"The .page__wrapper class that Rise puts around content has a min-height: 100vh style applied to it which causes the extra padding. It's something Rise puts in so not something we have control of from a site perspective."

This is not my area of speciality so not sure what more to add. We are using Grassblade LRS and I am using the latest version of Chrome.

I have attached the LMS output file here. It is most noticeable at the bottom of the Objectives section.



Crystal Horn

Thanks for sharing your output, Lyndon. In SCORM Cloud, the padding at the bottom of the first lesson appeared normal to me. Here are some adjustments you can make to try to improve the behavior in your LMS:

  • Compare launching the course in a new window with launching within the LMS frameset (same window) if your LMS allows you to control the launch behavior.
  • Try turning off the block entrance animations in course settings.

Let us know if that helps!

Lyndon Baker

Thanks for the reply.
I tried both solutions and it hasn’t rectified it. Currently we open the Rise module in a new tab, when the learner completes the module they close the tab, which refreshes the dashboard page to show completion.

I will pass this on to our developers and see if they can provide any other insights.


Matt Rust

Hi all,

I am getting the same problem in my LMS (Litmos) when importing this file. As well as having two scroll bars. I uploaded the file to SCORM cloud previously and didn't manage to replicate any issues with it.

I've attached an example of my SCORM file for you. Be great if you could help me out!

Kind Regards,



Alyssa Gomez

Hey Matt! 

Thanks for including the output file. I also tested it on SCORM Cloud, and everything looks great there.

Having you tried launching the course in a new window instead of launching within the LMS frameset (same window)?

You may also see a difference if you turn off the block entrance animations in course settings.