Exit-button does not consider scenario of an iframe in LMS

Nov 21, 2023

Dear community,

I hope you can help us figure out how to proceed.

We have an Articulate Rise content in our LMS (SuccessFactors LMS), which was created by an external provider, and usually our contents from other authoring tools are able to handle being switched between being opened in a new browser window and being opened in an iframe, but the rise content seems to behave differently. As long as the content is opened in a new browser window, the exit-button closes the window, which is fine. But when the content is accessed in an iframe, which is getting more and more popular, the exit-button does "nothing".

We compared network traces for contents of different authoring tools and what they usually do is that they "realize" that they are not allowed to close the window (in case of an iframe) and go an alternative route by showing a message like "The lesson is over. You can now navigate away from this page". They will only close the window/tab if the content is opened in a new window/tab and if that is not the case, they display this message. But the rise-content only tries to close the window, but being in an iframe, it is not allowed (alert "Scripts may close only the windows that were opened by them") and will do nothing else.

We would like to be able to tell our e-learning providers how to make their contents able to handle all situations (iframe and new window), but what would have to be done on author-side to do this? I suppose this is something that the authoring tool needs to do and the authors cannot really influence, is that correct?

I will attach some screenshots of the network traces we collected for both cases; a case of an e-learning from a differnet authoring tool handling the situation flexibly and an e-learning created with Rise where the exit-button does not react in an iframe.

Many thanks in advance for your help!

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