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May 29, 2018

Hello all! I am creating a new SOP course in Rise. I have it set up where they select English or Spanish at the beginning and then are taken through the content based on the language. I have two quizzes set up, one in English and one in Spanish. At the end of the quiz I need them to be taken to the next page, but don't want to have to include the "next" option at the bottom since they will need to be directed to different places based on the language they selected originally. 

Is there a way to add a button the the quiz results page? Or a way to control navigation after the results page? Right now it looks like the only way to get out of the Quiz results page is to have the Previous and Next buttons turned on in the course navigation. In the perfect world I would like to add a button to the results page to direct the user where I want. 

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Alexandria.  Currently, the quiz results page doesn't include additional formatting options, like adding button-based navigation.

Your course sounds really cool.  What comes after the quiz?  Is it additional content?  Could you use knowledge check blocks instead of a quiz?  Since you can only track one quiz in Rise, I'm guessing that the quiz is more for personal assessment.  Knowledge check blocks will give you the flexibility to add additional navigational buttons after you're done with the assessment portion.

As an alternative workaround, when they branch to their language, you could branch to a completely different Rise course.  That way, they are guaranteed to only see the content that matters to them.

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