Export Rise as Scorm to Moodle 3

Dec 29, 2016


Any moodle users out there who could help me out. W use Moodle 3.1 at our university. Moodle uses Scorm 1.2. Previously I added Articulate Studio as a zipped file: a simple drag and drop. Now however, I receive an error report. When I add it as an activity scorm package, I receive the following notification:

An imsmanifest.xml file was found but it was not in the root of your zip file, please re-package your SCORM. Here's a screen recording of my problem (using Peek)

Rise is great. Really enjoy using it.



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Bret Jorgensen

Good Afternoon, Satish. 

I jumped in here to see if there was anything I could do to help. I took one of my Rise courses and exported it as Scorm 1.2 to verified that the imsmanifest.xml file was located in the root directory of the zip and it was (http://d.pr/i/U6iF). I then uploaded and published the file to our internal Moodle account and that also went well. 

I think the best thing to do here is to create a case and attach your export zip to that case for analysis by our support team. Just a brief summary, much like your post above and the zip file would greatly increase our chances of resolving this for you today. 

You can submit your case at www.articulatecase.com.

Juraj Gabrhel

Hi Satish, according to your video (particularly in 0:30 time frame) I think you are doing one simple mistake. You are unpacking downloaded scorm zip file, which makes new folder, renaming the folder and then repackaging BUT not the content of the folder but whole folder. Just make the zip package from files not the whole folder. That's way you then get the message An imsmanifest.xml file was found but it was not in the root of your zip file, because it's inside the folder which is not visible during importing zip to LMS.

Hope it helps. Regards.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Loli! Thanks for reaching out to us.

Have you had a chance to test it outside of Moodle? SCORM Cloud is a good, industry standard for LMS testing to see how the course behaves in another environment. I don't know enough about Moodle to offer ideas on specific settings you should use there, but hopefully others in the community can weigh it on that! 

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