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Aug 21, 2018

I have a Rise module that has a lot of flashcards. The flash card function is great. However, when I print to pdf the cards are cutoff the text disappears. This is super-unfortunate given that something that flashcards in particular, are something that learners may need to print off for offline use.  I'm not hopeful, but have to ask if there is a way to work around this? 

Many thanks for your suggestions and replies.


pdf export

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Crystal Horn

Hey Stacey!  We're going to continue fine tuning PDF exports of Rise courses.  The most immediate demand was to have printable output that complies with regulatory requirements.  We're tracking the need to have more control over the page breaks so interactive elements look great on paper, too.

I'll keep you updated here on any changes!

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Edith!

I would recommend creating a printable notes page in Microsoft Word, and saving it as a PDF. In that notes page, include the text that appears on the front and back of the flashcards. 

Then, use an attachment block to attach the PDF directly below the flashcards. You could even include a text block with a message like, "Download the attached PDF to save the flashcard information for your notes!"

Would that be an option for you?