Exporting from Rise

Mar 06, 2018

I'm trialling Rise and notice that you can export Scorm package for LMS. 

How do you export a Rise course for publishing to the web?

The export options are unclear so would appreciate being pointed to any Resources which can help with this.




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James Washington

Is there anything out there that provides additional details regarding export options for RISE? I'm working with a government client concerned about privacy issues that would like to use RISE if I can export or publish files locally, not to an Articulate cloud. Can I do this? Like maybe publish to a zip and they can take the zip and publish to their dedicated servers?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Semaj,

All those export options in the article above will download to your local computer, but Rise courses are stored within the Articulate 360 servers before publishing. For more information about our security and privacy setup, please review our Trust Center.  We also have some specifics on Rise privacy here. 

Once you've exported the content for Web or LMS, you'll have a zipped folder that you can share with your client for them to upload onto a server or their LMS. 

Let me know if you have any other questions! 

James Washington

Thanks Ashley for your response. I'll read the privacy documentation; as long as I can remove or delete the course content from Articulate servers after publishing to my local drive there shouldn't be a problem. They just want to ensure that the content I develop using RISE is not sitting out on anyone's servers other than their own. It's pretty sensitive info. Thanks again!

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Semaj,

No problem - you can always delete content from your own Rise account. 

If you want us to delete all your content, we will. Just let us know, and we'll remove all your Articulate 360 data from our servers right away. 

We store content in a routine encrypted backup and that remains in our possession for 60 days after we receive your deletion request. We keep 60 days of backups in rotation to protect data from being lost. These backups are stored on Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) at Amazon Web Services (AWS). As we cycle through the backups, your data will be overwritten and purged. This is noted in our terms of service as well. 

Let me know if you need anything else! 

Crystal Horn

Hello, John. As a test, you can try uploading your output to SCORM Cloud to see how it behaves in that environment.

  • If your content isn't showing there either, let us know and we can troubleshoot your course.
  • If your content works in SCORM Cloud, reach out to your LMS support and let them know your media isn't displaying from your course.

Feel free to update this discussion with your findings!

Karl Muller

Hi Nancy,

We may be using the terms export and publish in different contexts.

I also don't know what systems you use, so I'll explain the process we use in our organization when course content gets updated.

Whenever I make a change to a Rise course, I re-export it as a new SCORM package. 

Then I access our LMS where the old version of the Rise course is currently hosted. I upload the new SCORM package into the LMS, and republish the course as a new version. Anyone now accessing the course in the LMS will see the new version.

Nancy Sheet

I've attached the publish and export images directly from Rise to clarify.

For doc control review, I clicked the Export button and chose Web. This gave me a very old version of the module, which is very odd. Rise is cloud based and is supposed to stay up-to-the-minute with my changes.

The second time I tried to export, I used the Review > Publish New Version command first. After I had successfully published my latest version, I went to Export > Web. This finally gave me the latest version.

If we need to go through the extra step of publishing the course first before we export, please include that in the export instructions listed here: https://articulate.com/support/article/How-to-Share-Articulate-Rise-Courses-with-Learners.  It's not logical to have to publish and then export.

Thank you,