Exporting plain text from RISE 360

I have seen a few old conversations related to exporting text from RISE but none of them address our biggest need which is to be able to export the full text of a course in an easily readable/editable format. I know you can export an .xliff file or export the whole course to .pdf but neither of those actually addresses our needs to be able to provide editable text to reviewers and to either internal staff or local translators working overseas (in Africa and Asia) who do not have access to the software that can read .xliff files.  So far I have not had a single project where someone doesn't insist on getting a version of the text that they can make track changes to (despite having the option of using the 'review' function), nor have I had a single case where we are able to get the text 100% final before building the course - which means having to put time and effort into maintaining a separate google doc version of the text for every course.  Are there any plans to introduce a feature to export text to Word? (or PPT, or google docs, or even Notepad)

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Grace Durnford

Hi Alyssa,

Downloading the course as a .pdf then converting it to Word does not solve
the problem. When I have tried that the text only comes through mostly
correct (missing letters, weird alignment and spacing) and would require a
significant amount of editing to get it looking clean enough to provide to
a reviewer.


Beth Williams


We are offering face to face and online supplemental materials for a Code Enforcement course. We need the online material to be converted to PPT for those instructors who will be teaching the F2F course and utilizing the content to share with students in the F2F. This why the PPT is needed.

Right now I am having to take the course, convert to PDF, convert to Word, format, convert to PPT finish with editing. This process is taking forever.

Hope you can help.



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