Rise Translation XLIFF imports previous version of my file

Dec 07, 2021

Hi, I need to have my course translated but our translator doesn't use XLIFF :( and needs it in Word.

So, I thought I could export it into XLIFF, which my computer then seems to just make it a word file (XLF?).

BUT, the new XLF file shows an old version of the text?  I can't figure out how this is possible?  How does it remember the old text when it doesn't have the undo / previous version file that we all wish Articulate would create? 

(I may have just chanced on a solution for those of us who have lost hours of work by hitting delete and not being able to recover...)

In any case, I need to know

a) how to export into word, if this is now possible without a cut and paste?


b) how do I get the current version of my course exported to xliff / xlf?



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Lea Agato

Hi Sue! I would like to seek clarification on this issue that you encountered.  Are you seeing the old version of your course when you import your XLF file into your Rise course or when you export a new version of the XLF file? 

Rise only uses XLIFF/XLF files for course translations and there isn’t a way to translate Rise using Word.  However, there are free web tools you can use to edit your XLF. You can check out the discussion threads here and here for some suggestions.

Also, to answer your question, Rise courses can be exported as a PDF file, but it’s not possible to export it to Word.