Extra tags, which break words, extra symbols - exported XLF from Rise

Good morning,

Does anyone else have a problem with extra tags in exported XLIF file for translation from Rise, which break words (are between letters) and insert extra symbols?
I am now successfully able to import the translation back to Rise thanks to the new instructions listed here, however our translators complain that it is impossible to work on translation properly, when it looks like this (when we open the exported Xliff from Rise in our Trados 2017 - before editing, just from scratch freshly exported file - we see an enormous amount of purple tags that disrupt the single words too, beyond original formatting. We do need HTML included, however even when HTML is omitted when exported from translation - there are still tags like this, only fewer):
Tags break words


You can see strange circles added to the original text (left column) and to-be-translated-yet column on the right.
Also words like "Below" and others are split with some tag, though originally in the built-in Rise modules there is no extra formatting, and it looks like this (without extra circles too):

no extra tags in orgignal


no extra tags in orignal

I am using Open Sans built-in Rise font and original Rise module blocks.

Does anyone know how to avoid this? 
Thank you very much!

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