Feature Suggestion: Outgoing Links within a Rise Course

Apr 19, 2021

I think it would be helpful to be able to see a summary/report of all out-going links that are within a Rise course.

For example, our courses often "point to" resources in SharePoint, our LMS catalog, or our central Policy repository. Right now there is no way to see, at a glance, that "oh, this course links people to these external URLs".

This would be helpful especially if needing to update a link used across several items (Use Case: the Privacy Policy link changed, or something like that). In this use case, the first question I'd ask myself is: "okay, where did we use that link?"

Just a thought. :)



3 Replies
Sarah Walbridge-Jones

When you "point to" resources in Sharepoint or on policy central, when the user clicks on those while in the Rise course does the external link opens in a new tab, and does the course drop to the taskbar?  This is what happens to the courses I have developed and we end up getting lost os user's saying "I don't know how to find the course again" even with a warning built into the course that this might happen.  Does this happen to anyone else? is there a solution?  Is it my LMS?  What LMS systems does this not happen on?