File Share/exchange across 360 for Teams

Mar 21, 2017

Do we know if file sharing across 360 for teams exists?  My team is looking for ways to share content so that we could make updates to content, copy files/templates or assign files to others within the team.



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lucy! 

We're working on the "Collaborators" feature right now! It'll allow you to share a Rise course with another developer to make edits, changes, etc. Luckily it's coming up soon - early Q2, so just around the corner. :-)

We'll keep you posted, and it'll likely be announced on our "What's New" page here! 

Karl Muller

Hi Brian,

If both your organization and your vendor have Articulate 360 teams accounts, then the vendor can make anyone in your organization a collaborator or the owner of the course. We do this all the time.

If your vendor does not have a Teams account, then they can email you a copy of the entire course.