flashcards shrink in size when comparing edit view to preview or live

Aug 21, 2018

Hi, I created a flashcard interaction in a Rise course covering the navigation of the module and help instructions. It has 2 flashcards and looks fine in both edit and preview modes. So I decided to copy it to use in another Rise course. However, although it still looks fine in edit mode (see attachment - flashcard edit view) as soon as I preview it the size of both flashcards shrink (see attachment -flashcard preview). I've tried creating 2 new flashcards in the new course, but they do the same (large size in edit view - smaller in preview).

I can't see any settings that could change apart from the padding around the interaction, but they're exactly the same in both courses. 

Any help would be appreciated.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there David!

We're seeing some trouble with Flashcards in Rise lately. Specifically, the Flashcards resize...

Do you notice a difference when you turn Block Animations off, or when you adjust the font size on the front of the card?

mikki herbold

My issue

is that when I have just three flash cards the images fill the entire screen-yea! but when I add two maore so there is five, the images are much smaller. They are the same size in photoshop and when I put the images from the new two into flashcard 1, they fill the screen.

I tried turning turning the animation off and on as you suggested but it didn't do anything.

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