Flip cards - Fade affect: Can't read text

We are having many flip card block issues with what looks to be an automatic fade applied to the card when there is text that reaches the bottom of the box.  Sometimes there is a scrollbar to extend the text, but sometimes not.  See attached image.  Is there a reason for the fade affect?  Our users can't read the text since it is auto-faded.  Thanks!

NOTE: Perhaps this is tied to the issue reported here of a problem when using only 2 flip cards?

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Renz Sevilla

Hi Nicola!

If this is in published content, it may have been published before the fix was implemented. They would just need to publish this again to get the fixes in place and clear out their browser cache.

If you still see this issue when Authoring or Editing a course even after clearing your browser cache, could you please let us know your browser + version number?

Crystal Horn

Thanks for that example and details, Nic. I'm seeing the same thing with unnecessary fading, and I'll bring this issue up with our team again. I'll let you know if we release an enhancement so those bottom lines of text aren't hard to see for learners.

Accordion and tab interaction text is slightly smaller by default as a part of those blocks' design. You can edit the font size of those blocks in the editing window. Body text is set to 17 by default.