Fonts in Rise not displaying as expected....

Nov 29, 2023


This has bugged me for a while now and wondering if there is a work around.

The default text look is Italic for some reason. Clicking into the edit mode the text looks fine as expected, but on the actual page it will look Italic.

If you highlight the text and make it turns bold and removes the Italics. So the only way to remove the Italics is to to make the text bold and this is not always suitable?

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Steven Benassi

Hi Darren!

Sorry to hear you've run into this setback! Glad to see Karl has been helping you!

Testing the behavior on my end using the default font for Rise 360 (Lato), I was unable to reproduce the same issue. Here's a quick screen recording of how it looks for me!

To clarify, can you observe the same behavior across all supported browsers, and does clearing the cache help at all? Also, do you have any applications or browser extensions installed that are responsible for modifying text that is entered?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Steven Benassi

Hi Darren!

Thanks for following up!

Using Arial font in a sample Rise 360 lesson, I was unable to reproduce the same behavior you described. The new font added to my lesson did not default to italics and displayed as expected.


If you've confirmed the issue is not browser-specific, and clearing the cache doesn't help, would you mind sharing a screen recording of the behavior? Feel free to attach it here in the discussion or privately through a support case.