Forcing "completion" of a checkbox list

Feb 13, 2018

Hi all

Is there a way that we can force the learner to click the boxes on the Checkbox List? Of course a text instruction would be placed with this, however it would be great just to mix things up a little and have them tick each item on the list.

No big drama if not available, just a thought ...

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Arathi Chhetri

This is quite sad. It’s been a while now and there’s no point having a checklist if someone can’t see it saved right? I do hope the Rise team will understand how vital this function is to learner satisfaction and motivation and implement it soon. Where are we at with this update?

Steven Benassi

Hi Tovah!

Happy to help!

You can modify the settings for a Continue Block by clicking Content > Completion Type (Complete Block Directly Above).


However, as Hazel shared, there isn't a way to prevent a learner from unchecking the boxes before pressing continue. Not to worry! I've included your feedback in our feature report and will share updates if it makes it onto our Feature Roadmap.