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Mar 16, 2017

Hi, we've been jumping back and forth between Rise and Appitierre's Adapt-based Evolve product for the past month or so to decide which is the best candidate going forward. Each has its own merits and drawbacks, but I just wonder if (assuming you haven't already) it might be worth your while checking out what they're doing? While their product isn't nearly as polished as Rise, it has some very neat features - several of which are being requested in these forums, e.g. Accessibility, copying content between courses, more formatting options within block content, more theme options etc. etc. At present, I'm in the position where my heart wants to go with Articulate & Rise, but my head keeps leaning towards Evolve.

With just a few tweaks based on what Evolve/Adapt are doing, I'd be completely sold on Rise... probably I am anyway, not least because I know some of the requested features are forthcoming (and it all looks so good!), but with some of Evolve's additional layout, styling and activity options it would make the choice a complete no-brainer. 

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