hat feature in Rise would I use if I clicked on a word to take me to it's meaning and then back to just the word,w

Oct 15, 2018

what feature in Rise would I use if I clicked on a word to take me to it's meaning and then back to just the word.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mikki, 

It sounds like you're looking to set up a glossary type of interaction - would the definitions be a part of the Rise course or do you have them linked separately?  We don't have a glossary interaction, but I'd be happy to brainstorm some other ideas with you.

Do you have any samples or mock-up of what you've already set up or would like it to look like?  

mikki herbold

Hi Ashley
Thank you for getting back to me so quickly!!
Yes, it is a glossary type interaction I want. I am using the accordion block which I love just ahead of this new section my client wants. I realize that the only way to do this is by using the button feature which takes you to some other slide but I need to get back to the next word.
I guess I am just brainstorming it out with you to see what other options I could do.
I think they should just use the accordion again on just for this section of 'Shared Values'.
Is there an option to have in the accordion another feature to click on beside the plus sign, so it looks different?

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Crystal Horn

Hey Mikki!  I think you're on the right path.  Depending on how many terms you have, you could use another "click and reveal" type interaction, like the accordion block.  You could even build the glossary in Storyline, and add a Storyline block.  That way, you'll have endless control over how the glossary component behaves, and you'll never have to leave that block lesson when navigating the terms!

What other ideas do folks have for glossaries in Rise?

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