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I'm just starting out in Rise 360. I'm developing a course that has a lot of storyline blocks, the SL files have audio on them. The issue I have is that there are multiple SL blocks with audio within one lesson, and they appear as and when the user scrolls down to the block. That also means that the user can scroll down to the next block before the audio on the previous SL block has completed and hence hear the audios from both files at the same time. Is there a way to stop the user from accessing the next block before the previous one ends?

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Karl Muller

Try adding a Continue divider block immediately below the first SL BLock.

Choose the option Complete Block Directly Above

Now learners will no longer see the other SL Blocks.

Learners must complete the block immediately above the Continue block before the Continue button will activate and show the other blocks located below the Continue block.

If that works for you, you can add a Continue block for each SL block.


Ayesha Naseer

Thanks Karl and Anthony for your responses.

Adding a continue block, in this case, did not work since its a SL file, and Rise does not have a way to differentiate if the SL block has been finished or not, just scrolling to it or having it appear on the screen is enough to activate the continue button.

I used a slide trigger on the SL file itself, to pause the timeline of the slide when the timeline starts. This means the SL files will appear as videos where the users have to click on the play button to start.

Ayesha Naseer

Thanks Alyssa,

It seems like exactly what I need. However, I am facing an issue while trying to publish the course. The tracking property only gives me one option, that is, to track using number of slides viewed. The other two options are disabled.

I'm attaching a screenshot of the dialog box so you can have an idea.

Will appreciate it if you can point me to a resource which shows a solution to this issue.