Hi! New to Rise 360 and have a question

Jul 24, 2020

Hi everyone! Very excited to be learning and reading info as I go. 

Two questions:

1. Does Rise have a one-page option? I am creating an image with hotspots and don't need an opening page.

2. Does anybody have info on how to create alt text for the image with five hotspots that link to other sites? I might have created a monster. 

Thanks in advance! 

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Crystal Horn

Hi Eric!  Welcome to E-Learning Heroes. It looks like you might have gotten your answer that there isn't a way to remove the course outline page in your Rise 360 courses. I'll tag this discussion to be updated if we make a change.

You can edit the alt text for the image by clicking Edit on the labeled graphic block, and then Edit under the image. There is an option to Edit alt tag

Let us know if we can help with anything else!

Eric Sommer

Thanks, Crystal! I appreciate your response. I did find the answer regarding the course cover/outline page. I can see circumstances where it will be helpful, but it would be great to have the option to delete or hide it. 

Thanks for the directions on how to edit the alt text on the image with hot spots!

I am enjoying the learning process!

Gren Foronda

Hi Eric!

Good news! You can deliver bite-sized, single objective-focused training in Rise 360 with Microlearning.

In addition, we've just released a new feature that allows you to turn off the cover page when you publish for LMS to improve compatibility, streamline training, and get learners into content faster. Give it a try, and let us know if you have any questions about it!

Note: You can't hide the cover page for training created from Next Big Idea Club content templates.