Hooking up Rise 360 to TalentLMS - (new info received from TalentLMS)

So I created a sample course in Rise and exported it as Scorm 1.2. I imported into TalentLMS but TalentLMS wasn't detecting that the course was complete unless I refreshed the browser. Talent asked if ScormCloud showed it as working correctly and I replied, "yes".

TalentLMS said that Rise 360 was set up to create "popup", not "embeded" units...and that ScormCloud is based on "popup" and that's why it performed correctly.

So...is this true? Are Rise 360 courses only working correctly if done with "popup" in TalentLMS?



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Kennet Fagerstrand


We've been using talentLMS for a long time, and started using Rise for a couple of months ago. 

We are also investigating the pop-up vs embedded in TalentLMS. Indeed the courses look much better as a pop-up, but during testing, we've found quite a lot of pitfalls using that method. 

First off, it is vital that the user clicks "exit course" in order for Talent to remember where the user is in the Rise course. If the learner simply closes the page (like most people do), the Rise course will open at the start page, and all the progress is lost. Talent will indeed not show any progress in the course, but at least the learner saves his progress in the rise course as long as he uses that exit course button. 

Another bad thing about the pop-up, is that links in the Rise course opens in the original browser window, next to the talent-window where the rise course was launched. Most people will navigate back to that tab, instead of finding their open Rise window. Then, they'll click back in the Talent tab, and re-launch a new version of Rise, causing the Rise course to start over, and the progress is lost. 

Perhaps we'll change to the embedded option, as that seems to save the progress better. I think alot of learners will mess up if we use the pop-up, as long as it opens in a new window, rather than a new tab. The funny thing is that different devices and browsers handles it differently. Most opens it in a new window (which is bad imo, based on the descriptions above), but for example Chrome on a mac will open it in a new tab.

Is there anything Articulate can do to make sure the Rise course is opened in another tab, rather then a window? 

If we are to use the embedded feature today, one bad thing is that the course window is not maximized, which is distracting. I tried to edit the size of the embedded window, which looks decent on desktop, but on phone you can't view the entire height, and therefore can't access the "next page"-button in Rise, in order to move forward in the course. 


Ali Saren

Hi Harry, 

I had learned the same thing, but I think I just figured out a work around here.  I published my rise course and added the "exit course" link.  I added to TalentLMS as embedded and it seems to refresh and mark complete without the popup.  The key here will be i'm sure, to clearly instruct the learner to click the link to move on.

Here are the settings I used if it is helpful:

Articulate Rise Publish Settings:

TalentLMS supports SCORM 1.2 and Tin Can publishing (not SCORM 2004).
Export Type: LMS
Tracking:  Track using course completion 100%
Reporting:  Passed/Incomplete
Exit Course Link: ON

TalentLMS Settings:

Unit Name:  same as course name
File Select:  Publish SCORM 1.2 File (.zip)
Show as: Embedded
Size:  1080 Width (Height calculates automatically when left blank)
When failed retain the failed status upon retries (unchecked)

Ali Saren

Hi Stephanie, 

I happened to see this and thought I would share my experience so far...TalentLMS allows you to use embedded Rise courses and a pop out.  The feedback we have received is that people prefer the pop-out versions because it helps with the design and scaling of the Rise Modules.  You can finagle the settings in the LMS so that it can be viewed larger, but it doesn't seem the same.  Overall, Rise and SL SCORM files work nicely in TalentLMS, and users seem to enjoy the dynamic content changes within a course.  The only complaint - is that when a SCORM file is set to complete, there is an extra blank screen within the LMS that users have to click an additional "complete" button before moving on.  It's annoying, but we change the exit message to acknowledge this so people know it is not an error.  Overall its been a good experience so far.