Host RISE course on SharePoint Online?

Please help - we have a Storyline interaction hosted within a Rise course, to be hosted on a SharePoint Online site. From all the help forum threads I have seen, this won't work because Rise produces an HTML file, and there are a string of possible workarounds for Storyline files, but I cannot see how to do this with a Rise course.
Please can anyone provide instructions for doing this with Rise courses, as this is holding up delivery of an important project. I've exported the Rise course for web, which produces a complex zip file full of subfolders. I don't understand which, if any, need to be changed to a .aspx suffix as the forums suggest, or whether that instruction is solely for Storyline files.

All help would be gratefully received as I imagine this is not an uncommon problem but the solution is not at all obvious.

Thanks in advance!

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