Hosting videos in a Rise course on another server

Sep 20, 2023


I hope you can help.

All my courses contain video content which, with the increasing load on my own web space (not to mention security concerns) really needs to be hosted on a bigger and more secure server.

Videos can be embedded within Rise content, and although there are ways to change the videos themselves after export, AFAIK hosting them on another server doesn't appear to be an option.

Have I missed something, or is there a workaround that will enable me to host Rise courses on one server, and video content on another?

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Steve Warren

Thanks Karl

This is useful, and I'm sure I'll use it, but the problem is, you just get an uneditable block of text that says "READ MORE", which is OK for "more information" but not for the main content of the lesson.
I really need something that looks like a video/thumbnail but is pointed, like the EMBED block, to somewhere else.

Best wishes


Steve Warren

Hi Karl

Sure: The block is simply as you suggest: MULTIMEDIA / EMBED

The URL I'm entering is:

And the result is shown in the attached screenshot.

It doesn't look anything like the sample they give...

Steve Warren

Hi Kelly

I was hoping someone would know!

I've Googled and can't find a thing.

I can do anything I want with the site: I have full control over a dedicated server, I can code whatever's needed, but if you don't know what to do - you can't do it!

Life would be so much easier if this was possible but hey ho...

Steve Warren

Just an update, since people who solve their own problems don't bother to share the solution!

The solution was to simply include the URL in an iframe...
The instructions say "Paste URL or iframe code here..."
But it seems to need the iframe to work.
Hey ho.

But in my travels, I also looked at an old account I had with StreamingVideoProvider where I hosted some legacy videos.
They (yes, humans...) took the time to look at what I was saying and I ended up with a solution that's more secure and hassle-free than anything I could have provided.
I'm sure Vimeo is brilliant - this is just another option to throw into the ring that some may find useful.

Thanks for your suggestions btw :)