How Do I Get Storyline Block in Rise to Play like Rise Blocks on Mobile Devices?

Sep 27, 2019

I had to create our "branch to selection" scenario in a SL360 block since the Rise Scenario block is missing audio, and I need to branch between 2 scenarios without the feedback or repetition of the selection that comes with the dialog part in a scene (screen shot included in the post).  We are trying to eliminate the extra click where the learner has to click continue to move on to the next scene (which would be one of the two branch arms). There is no way to tell it to go to the next scene without the pause and continue button.

The SME feels this is an extra step that is unnecessary and kind of a nuisance according to one of the test learners. I personally thought it was nice, but I guess I can understand getting annoyed by it after a few of these courses (we plan to make 24 based on different skills in both a fast food and an office environment).  I tried to also convince them to create each skill separate for each environment, but they want only one course per skill with the ability to branch to their work environment.  So, I get that as well.  The problem I have is that reproducing the branching scenario in SL360 does not play well at all on mobile devices within Rise, although the Rise portions look great on mobile devices. I realize that I can play around with the aspect ratio, etc., but we are falling behind now, and frankly I thought these would behave more responsively.  I don't know where to begin or how many iterations it is going to take to keep testing to get the best layout to look right on mobile.  Plus, what if the switch between landscape and portrait.  I don't see that working well?

I also tried a button stack.  I wanted to branch to a scene within the scenario block from the button stack, but apparently you can only go to a lesson, and not a scene within a scenario block.  That would be a great addition to be able to do that.  In fact, this and adding audio would take this to another level, and satisfy pretty much all of our needs. The other issue is that, as i mentioned before, they would like to do this in one lesson if possible.  They did not like that the learner can see that there is another lesson that would basically be left unfinished, since they would only be selecting the lesson (Fast Food Restaurant or Office) based on their work environment. 

Sorry for the long way to get to the point, but does anyone have any experience with this or any idea how to make this look right with the SL360 block or even a work around within the Rise scenario block?

I'm sharing my Rise course in Review before adding the SL360 block (v.8.0a), and then the course with the storyline block (v.9.0).  The button stack version is included as well (v.8.2).   Here are the links...Any ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated.


Ver. 8.0a

Ver. 9.0

Ver. 8.2



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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Michael! I'm hopeful the community will have some good design advice for you. In the meantime, I'll address some aspects of Storyline blocks and navigation in Rise 360.

The Storyline 360 player is responsive, but your slide content will not shift based on device size or orientation. That means that your slide content will occupy as much room as is given on mobile devices, but it won't reorganize in the same way your Rise 360 content does.

If you decide to build this interaction in Rise 360 with button stacks, you can manipulate some features like the previous and next navigation options and the sidebar menu to "hide" unfinished content from your learners. This user guide article gives information on working with those navigation settings.

Michael Anselmo

Thank you  for the links Crystal.  I will look at changing those settings in my button stack version.  I think she really liked the flow of it all using the scenario for the whole course over the button stack, but we'll see once I make changes based on the info in your link.  She still wants audio/voice-over though, so I am going to have to convince her otherwise at this point, or I will have to try another solution?

Crystal Horn

Hi, Edith. Mobile phone browsers will always show the play button to initiate a Storyline block in a Rise 360 course. Storyline blocks will display full screen on smaller mobile device screens to make sure the learner can see and interact with the content. There isn't a way to restrict what type of device can view the course.

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